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10 Tips for a Stress-Free Gift Shopping Season!

All sorts of holidays coming up soon! Such a busy time of the year for everybody. This is true no matter what you are celebrating. If you’re anything like me, then procrastinating with all the gift shopping is a common tendency you have. Every year I think to myself, this will be the year that I get everything done early, this will be the year that I won’t procrastinate. Ha! Let’s be realistic here, that never happens! Not with me, anyway. So, here I am, December already underway and I have yet to begin my holiday gift shopping. Actually, this post here is my first step.

If I’m beginning this journey, then why not bring you guys along with me? Worried about finding the perfect gifts? Not sure where to start your search? Well, I have crafted a short list of tips for this project.

Toy frog with his mouth open, holding cash and bags.

Here you have it, 10 Holiday Gift Shopping Tips:

Draft – We all hate this step, seems boring, right? Well, sadly I do think it might help here. Come up with some lists. People to buy for, what your budget is, ideas of where to go, etc.

Schedule – Flexible plan… maybe Monday you’ll check out the mall, then Tuesday you’ll do the Amazon thing. Flexibility is key here though, make sure you give yourself some wiggle space.

Research – Here’s where all your Facebook creeping will come in handy. Come on, admit it, we all do it. Go searching for your friends’ and family’s interests and hobbies. Or! Do you remember them mentioning something they need or want to buy? Some ideas can definitely come from these little tidbits of information.

History – Remember a gift they really liked in the past? What did they like about it?

Creativity – Let your imagination run wild! Crafting, writing… use those secret talents you’ve got. No holding back. Let it all out. Or, like in my case, let your wife’s imagination run wild… wow, she’s great with the crafting!

Think personal – Do you know that your friend recently moved? Get something for their new place! Are they a huge fan of a particular TV show? Get them the new DVD that just came out! Whatever you do, make sure it’s something personal to them, something THEY will like.

When in doubt – Does it seem like this person has everything? Are you really at a loss for what to get them? Gift cards are always an option! If you know a store they really like, get them the gift of freely buying themselves something from there.

One-stop shop – A personal favorite! Think of a store that has everything (The Bay, for example) and decide to get as many of your gifts as possible, all at once!

Asking – Another possible little bit of help… ask the person what they want this season! Even if you don’t get exactly what they suggest, at least it will give you a place to start.

Lastly – Important: Relax! It is the thought that counts. Worst case: let’s say you get them something they wind up already having. Great, you got them something they really do like!

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