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2 Not-So-Proud Moments

Would you like to hear something embarrassing?

Just thought this would be a fun post!

So, I’m about 14 years old… not the best age, to be quite honest. I mean, you’re definitely not a kid anymore, but not an adult yet, so you really have no idea what you’re doing. Anyways! I was sitting at home one evening, watching TV with my dad, when I realize I’m actually pretty hungry. What does a teen do when they want to eat something quick and easy? Of course, they just pop a Mr. Noodle in the microwave. Well, that’s what I did, just with one little teeny weeny mix-up. In went the cup with noodles, and on went the microwave. Done and perfect, right? Except, a few minutes later, my dad notices there’s a weird smell coming from the kitchen. Oops! Teenage Zoey may have forgotten a very important part of this process… adding water in the cup. Long story short, tons of smoke, super bad smell, and no Mr. Noodle to eat. Not to mention a permanently stained microwave. Sorry, Dad Needless to say, I have not made that mistake again!

Other mistakes? Maybe… I mean, I am human, after all.

Okay, I guess I can share one more story. Sadly, this one is a little more recent. A couple months ago, my mom was in Israel visiting my grandma. Whenever she does this, we take the opportunity to schedule a Skype visit. We had already done this once during this particular trip, but we had decided to fit in one more meeting. Gen was out, so it was just me setting up my computer to Skype away with the fam. So weird, no matter what I tried, they could not see or hear me from their end! I did not know what to do, but we just made do with what we had. At least I could see them! Later that day, as I was sharing this riveting story with my wife, in a super shocked tone, she asked me how I was able to do this on my desktop computer. Surprise! There was no webcam! Yikes, this one is even a little more embarrassing than the last one.. Oh well, at least I learnt from these events!

What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

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