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7 Awkward Moments of Adulting

Hi there, my lovelies!

I really am not sure how to segue into the post, but I guess I’ll just dive straight in! I am here today to talk about a feeling that all of us humans are, I think, very familiar with… awkwardness. You know that feeling when something happens that we’re not too too proud of? That feeling after the fact, when we want to ‘save face’ in front of others? That moment when we would gladly shout “awkwwardd!” and run in the opposite direction? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As an adult, I know I personally face this feeling way too often.

Here are 7 of those awkward situations I’ve faced over and over again.

Enjoy! … and remember, it could happen to you too. Muahaha!

7 Awkward Moments of Adulting!

Any small talk whatsoever – I don’t know if this one is just me, but I seriously hate small talk. I love people, and talking to new or old friends, but when it comes to standing there with someone and having to “shoot the breeze” as they say, I really have no skills at all. I usually wind up making awkward faces and getting super tongue tied. Yikes!

Waving at someone you don’t actually know – Ellen does a bit about this, where she’s waving vigorously at someone who she thinks is named Nancy, and only later realizes it was actually a stranger. She describes this situation very very well, by saying it’s like having “weird stuff happening inside”. I mean seriously, what could be more embarrassing?!

Knocking things over – Happens to me all the time! Just the other day, I knocked over a bunch of stuff at a store. Thankfully the items were not breakable, so no permanent damage done was done, I mean other than a shattered ego. In these situations, I usually quickly look around to make sure no one saw, and if someone did, I just laugh at myself. This seems to put me at ease somehow.

Walking into walls, doors, etc. – Ouch! These moments are not only super embarrassing and awkward, but they can also be painful. Trying to get over the shame of the situation, as well as dealing with the pain, is well, a lot to deal with. Me? I’ve tried to pretend I did it on purpose.. don’t ask how this would even be believable, it’s  just that it’s the first thing I think of.

Answering an unknown number – This day and age, picking up a phone call when you don’t know who’s calling you is definitely one of the most terrifying things you can go through. The heart races, the hyperventilating kicks in, the palms get sweaty, it’s really a lovely site. I sometimes don’t even pick up, I just ignore it. Denial is a very effective coping mechanism!

Recipe mix ups with people you’re trying to impress – Now, I am not very “kitchen-y” as my mom calls it, so this particular thing hasn’t happened to me yet, but I can just imagine. Especially having this happen in front of, let’s say, the in-laws? Oy vey!

Delivery people moments – Now, because of the fact that I’m not “kitchen-y”, delivery people do show up at my apartment from time to time. I mentioned I don’t like small talk, right? Well, this is one of those small talk moments I don’t particularly enjoy. I mean, what on earth are you supposed to talk about with this stranger for those very awkward few moments? After I’ve covered the weather, there’s still more minutes… *gulps*

How do YOU guys deal with these situations?

Are there any other awkward moments you’d like to share/discuss, etc.?

Thanks for reading!

Stay awkward guys, it’s what makes us human!

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