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A Very Zoey New Year

Hi, lovely readers!

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I wrote last, I’ve missed my little blogging world. I almost want to give my laptop a huge hug and swear never to leave it for this long again. Wow, that was quite the cheesy moment, sorry guys, back to reality. Getting to the point. I’m here with a post about the wonderful 2017 that just came to an end.

A bottle of wine in an ice bucket with four glasses next to it.

Welcome, 2018, here we come!

I’m going to do this the Zoey-valuated way, whatever that means. I’d like to take a look back on the past year, the first full year of blogging I’ve had! I’ve picked a few of 2017’s blog posts that (I think at least) have the best life lessons in them. After all, that’s a big part of what Zoey Valuated tries to do… Provide wonderful and fulfilling life lessons… I hope!   

New Year – Zoey-Style

N ope This was a big one… at least for me it was hehe. How many of you have trouble saying ‘no’ to people? Definitely something I need to work on! I blogged about it a while ago, but you know what I always say…  Those who can’t do, blog. 

E llen DeGeneres She changed the world, guys! 20 years ago from April, this wonderful woman came out to the world, and no one has been the same since. We’re so much better for it!

W alker & Wentworth Couldn’t decide on this one. On the one hand, getting Chandler has changed my life and taught me so much, but hey, so has Franky!

Lessons from the walker: It’s okay to ‘look disabled’ and maybe need a little extra help sometimes.

Lessons from Franky: I deserve to be treated well, and being brutally honest and open is not always a bad thing. Oh yeah, also that Nicole DaSilva is an amazing actress!

Y and When Knowing why and when you should or shouldn’t speak up is super tricky. There’s a commercial I saw recently that shows this so well. It sucks that I can’t find the link, but it basically shows a bunch of different people in potentially risky situations. Each of them sarcastically thanks us for speaking up and protecting them. I say sarcastically because sadly, we didn’t speak up, but this commercial shows us how important that can be. 

E mpathy I try, I really try to be empathetic towards everyone and keep an open mind, I really do. Sometimes, it’s a little challenging though. Back in the summer when I got slightly peeved at someone, I needed a reminder, so naturally, all of you guys got the same reminder. That’s what I’m here for, right?!

A nxiety After taking years to realize that it’s not something to be ashamed of, I went over there and talked about my anxiety. Go check it out if you want some anxiety-coping tips

R esolutions? – Well, this is embarrassing! I just looked back at my resolutions for this year, and let’s just say, I didn’t exactly resolve my resolutions, if you will. Hmm… there was a list of 10, and I think…  I kinda sorta did 3 of them… yeah… But seriously, who actually keeps their new year’s resolutions?! Anyone?!

Well, there it is, highlights of my last year in blogging. So hard it was to pick and choose. My gosh, I’ve written a lot! I hope you guys enjoy my rambles, at least a little bit!

Your thoughts are so appreciated!! Thank you in advance!

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