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Fitting in With Chandler

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Hello to all of my wonderful readers! Hope you all had a great weekend! 

Today, I have another Chandler-post for you guys. When I first got my beloved friend, I wrote a post about my first experiences with him. If you missed it, you can read it here! It was most definitely love at first sight, as they say. I saw him on Amazon, and that was it, I was hooked. Got him delivered shortly after, and immediately, my life was changed. I’ve had my buddy Chandler with me for almost two months now. I know what you’re all thinking… “Doesn’t this all sound familiar?” or “Haven’t we already read a post like this before?” Well, this post is Part 2, I suppose. If ya liked the last one, this one might tickle your fancy as well!

So, here they are, my new Chandler-thoughts, if you will!

UberAssist Drivers? A hit and miss, I’d say… same as with the regular Uber drivers. Some are definitely super nice though, I must say.  The cars? Here’s the kicker… they’re also often the same as regular Uber cars! Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but I do distinctly remember reading the UberAssist description a while ago, and it clearly stated that their cars need to have big enough trunks to fit in a walker/wheelchair, etc. Ha! So, “fitting in with Chandler”? Not so easy here, after all. So often, the drivers need to put him in the back seat, so definitely not leaving enough room for the guaranteed 4 passengers. Also, a fun fact: I have a JUNIOR walker. What on earth would they do if it was an adult-sized walker or, heaven forbid, a wheelchair?! Interesting, eh?

Movie Theatres, and other type theatres – Been to the movies a couple times, and also went to see two other performances in the past two months. (Did I mention Chandler makes me want to go out ALL THE TIME?) Once, my mom and I were able to bring the walker in with us and fold it up next to our seats. Other times? The staff explained that I could leave him outside and they would bring him in to me at the end. For me? Not such a huge issues, because thankfully I’m able to get around without him, but, for other people…. not so sure what they would do, to be honest.

Restaurants – Now, this I’ve tried many times already. Yes, I like to eat out whenever I can! Anyways, most times I could bring him in with me and sit him around the table with me and my people. So, this has gone pretty smoothly. The only thing, maneuvering around with him is tricky sometimes… the spaces between chairs and tables isn’t always big enough. Still, it’s doable with some creative, muscle-building moves

People – At first, I seriously felt like royalty! People were moving out of my way, holding doors, apologizing (even when they didn’t need to, but I guess we are Canadian, after all!). Now, I am probably just reading too much into it, but I feel like people are maybe slightly jaded? For example, I was at the Lebanese festival the other day, and it seemed as though when people saw me with Chandler, they either just stood and stared, or moved away super slowly. But, who know? Maybe too much alcohol-consumption didn’t help. Other times, in shopping centres, people act the same way, it’s like if I could read their minds, they would be saying something like, “Oh look, someone with a walker… interesting… let’s stare at her (or him, I’m not entirely sure) for a while, and then maybe if I feel like it, slowly move away a little bit.” I almost am tempted to retort with a smug “Do ya mind?” or “Yes, I have a walker, which means I need some extra help walking sometimes, get over it and move!” But, I always end up deciding that phrases like this would be better to avoid

Family/Friends – I said this same thing when I came out as a lesbian, but I really am super lucky with the people I have around me! For the most part, everyone has definitely been so amazing, either saying how happy/proud they are, or simply saying something cute and witty about my new friend. Thanks everyone, for being so darn cool!!

Me – Wow, this one is huge. I feel like a whole new person, no word of a lie. I feel like I can actually take on the world again. Whether or not I use it everyday, I am always feeling way more confident. Another thing? I feel like my awkward movements/wobbliness is somehow justified now. It’s almost as if I suddenly don’t feel so self-conscious and can go about my life more carefree-like. I seriously feel awesome with Chandler by my side, very natural and comfy. My only complaint? It has been way harder than I expected to find an appropriate cup-holder! I do have one ordered now,  but it’s been a few weeks already that I’ve been waiting for it! Oh well,  good things come to those who wait, right?  Kind of how I feel about my pal, the Chan-Chan Man. 

Hope you enjoyed my post! Thanks for reading, guys, it means a lot!

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