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Happy National Coffee Day!

Happy (DAY AFTER) National Coffee Day, everyone!

White coffee cup and saucer on a wooden table.

Coffee has always been a really good friend of mine… we go way back. Well, to be honest, the very first time I tried a sip of coffee, I was in high school and I absolutely hated it. But, this is just between you and me, of course… the Grand Coffee can never find out. I didn’t just settle with this first amateur opinion of mine though, I kept trying. I think the second time around I enjoyed it quite a bit. Then, I was hooked. It’s been definitely a good decade or so, and I remain loyal to this companion of mine. Always there for me… any day when I’m super tired, or just feel like the flavor of coffee goodness in my mouth. Then there are those times when it’s there for me during awkward dates, meetings, get-togethers, what have you… always there as my trusty buffer. “Hey, you wanna meet for coffee” is the solution for oh so many situations in life

Yes I know what you are probably thinking to yourself right now… why on earth is coffee so great? Well, (courtesy of the article I found on here’s why… some fun facts about yours truly:

  • Coffee Association of Canada says that coffee is the most consumed beverage other than water

  • average Canadian has at least 3 cups a day

  • “It helps to lower the risk of a variety of chronic diseases such as different types of caner, coronary heart disease, stroke and even things like depression and Parkinson’s disease.” >

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