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How to Not Be Awkward

The age-old question that people always wonder about… how on earth do I stop being so awkward all the time? How can I be around people and not feel embarrassed or nervous? Or, is that just me? Being awkward might not affect everyone in the same way, but I’m willing to bet that everyone has felt a wee bit awkward at one point or another in their lifetime. I have taken it upon myself to do a great service to us all, and create a list of ways to stop being so darn awkward… even for that one mere second.

How to Not Be Awkward

Practice – I’m starting with a fairly easy one. You know what they all say… “practice makes perfect”, right? Well, that might just work for this awkward business too! Maybe the more we go out and socialize, the less awkward we could be? Might work, might not… please let me know if you try!

Less thinking? – We all worry what people are thinking about us, don’t we? It’s hard not to, even if I did write a post about it. If maybe, just maybe we thought a little less about other people’s opinions, it could help us? Not sure… what do you guys think?

Cell phones – This one I have tried before, and it’s worked like a charm! Having your phone on you can help you out of many an awkward moment. Don’t know what to talk about? Awkward silences happening? Pull out that little friend of yours and pretend you’re texting OR you could even pretend to pick up a phone call!

Confidence – This one is definitely the hardest… for me, anyways. I’ve heard rumors about it, though. Apparently, the better you feel about yourself, the better you will feel around other people. Could be true, could be a myth. Think it won’t work or think it’s impossible? Faking it sometimes works. Stand tall, look people in the eye… at least people may think you’re confident

Self-aware – Hmmm, how do I explain this one? Okay, an example might work. Let’s say you know you’re not so great at parties with a bunch of strangers, try to avoid those. But let’s also say, you do a bit better when you know one person at the party…  start your practicing with those

Positivity – Believe in yourself. You can do it! Awkwardness be damned,  you shall not let it defeat you!

Prep – If you know you may have to go to a potentially awkward event,  maybe write down a small list of topics to bring up when you’re there. You could maybe even make a plan with a friend, have a partner in crime, someone that can bail you out, or even just join you…  the sky’s the limit!

Embracing – If all else fails, or if all else really doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, just be awkward! Just go with it, and embrace your awkwardness! You’re not alone, you could maybe even start a group for awkward folks! Awkwards R Us, anyone? Forget the rest,  just be you,  awkward,  wonderful you!

Can you think of any other ideas I forgot?  Has anything really worked for you before that you’d wanna share with the rest of us awkwardees? Sound it off in the comments below!  💙

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