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March Ottawa Small Business Corner Feature!

Do you have a 'guy' (or, more accurately known as a 'person' of any gender) for things? When you break your computer, let's say, do you have that person you know will be able to help you? I think a lot of us have these types of people in our lives, right? It just makes things easier, doesn't it?

Well, I do.. I have certain people I go to for certain things, and as it turns out, I also have people to go to for things I didn't even know I needed! More specifically? If I ever need a wardrobe update for a confidence boost, or any other styling questions for that matter, I've got a person!

Without further adieu, I would like to announce my March Zoey Schvan Ottawa Small Business Corner Feature (otherwise known as the ZSOSBC)!

Drum roll, please... I bring you the wonderfully talented Michelle LeBlanc, founder of Outer Health.

Michelle LeBlanc of Outer Health smiling.

Back in 2018, Michelle decided to combine all her many skills into a creative, unique business. With an extensive background in both psychology and fashion, she began offering a multitude of amazing services, such as:

  • Virtual closet assessments

  • Virtual style guides

  • Personal Shopping

  • Researching online for style to fit client's needs

You can find more details about her services here:

In business, we always talk about finding the 'why' behind our business. To me, something else that makes Michelle so impressive is her 'why'. She is all about helping people feel happy, confident and able to connect with their style. What could be a better reason to go into business? I'll wait... :)

Outer Health Logo

Here are a few more fun features about Outer Health:

  • You can start off by booking a free 30-minute consultation!

  • She has a newsletter you can sign up for if you want to stay up to date on her business

  • Services are available online

  • Offered worldwide

  • Psychology-based

  • Woman-owned

  • There are gorgeous pictures on her website!

You can follow her on social media to get more information or contact her directly:

  • Facebook: @outerhealth

  • Instagram: @outerhealth

  • LinkedIn:


I hope you guys found my March Ottawa Small Business Feature as exciting as I did!

Do you have a business in the city? Would you like to be featured? Let's keep supporting local businesses during these crazy times!

Feel free to reach out anytime, for this or anything else!


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