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Net-Walking for Word It Up

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Happy spring, everyone! Looks like I’ve been dropping the ball with the blogging again…oopsy! Who knew starting a business could actually take up so much time?! So far, the thing that has been taking up the most of my time is networking. You know how everyone always says you need to put yourself out there, step outside of your comfort zone, blah blah blah? Well, in the past few months, Zoey has taken herself so far away from her comfort zone, that she can barely see it anymore. In all honesty, I’ve loved every minute of it… been terrified, but loved it. I’ve met new people, gotten business advice, even done some writing already!

So, what exactly is this post about, you ask? Networking, of course! In the business world, there is a saying… “if you’re not networking, you’re not working”. Scary, isn’t it?! Networking is already a hugely horrific thing to do, let alone networking with a walker. (For those of you who would like to know more about my walker and disability, you can read these posts). I know it may not seem like the two things should affect one another, but oh trust me, they do. It could be good, it could be helpful, it could be funny, but it could also be a complete and utter disaster. Here’s how….

New – Networking is extremely intimidating, am I right? My guess? Lots of ‘new’ is involved in the process… new people, new experiences, maybe even new places. The word ‘new’ is super scary for people, it’s right up there with ‘unknown’ and ‘wait-listed’ (or maybe that’s just me). Either way, it’s terrifying! 

Elephant in the room – I don’t think anyone has ever actually mentioned the walker. Can’t blame them, though… it’s a super taboo and tricky topic AKA elephant in the room. I do tend to wonder what people must be thinking when they first notice the walker. Do they see me as that poor, disabled lady, or that brave, resilient woman? I’m sure they also wonder why I have the walker, how it helps me, can I walk without it, and so on. Or, also very possibly, they don’t give a rats’ ass and are just worried about what people think of them! All that being said, I love having my walker, it makes my life so so much easier! I’m also super willing to chat about anything FD-related once the ice is broken

Talking – Communicating with complete strangers is a huge part of networking. Yikes! With or without walker… yikes! Don’t get me wrong,  I absolutely love meeting new people!

Weaving through crowds – This one is specific to my net-walking experience. I was at an event the other day, and there were apparently 300 people there! Weaving through that crowd with the walker is definitely not an ideal situation, let’s be honest. One time I would love to count how many times I have to say “excuse me!”  Oh, the memories.

Awkward! – Note to self: next time, leave room on the walker for any food you may be carrying around in public. Two bags plus a plate of cookies and a business card exchange equals awkward! Or, as my friend so aptly put, a “cookie catastrophe”. 

Leaning on Salem – Yes, this walker has a name too… bought it right after watching Sabrina, and I had fallen in love with that sarcastic cat on the show, hence Salem the black walker. Anyways! I have found that Salem is (obviously) a great friend to lean on, so that’s what I do… lean when I walk, lean when I talk.. always leaning. What? It’s soothing He’s always there for me!

King (Queen) of the world – You know that expression about feeling like the king of the world when you’re happy? (apologies for the Titanic flashbacks). Well, that’s often how I feel at these events. Rolling around the room with Salem, meeting people, talking about business and writing… it’s just what I always fantasized about doing when I was younger. Cheesy, yes, but true. 

Hope this post was enjoyable for you guys! 


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