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What is something that makes you super nervous? So nervous that you literally feel like crawling into a hole and hiding? So nervous that you can’t think about anything else? So nervous that you can’t eat or sleep?

'Fear' written with scrabble tiles.

Okay, I may have gone a bit dramatic with that last one, but the point is, I have an interview tomorrow and I am very nervous. Printed off several copies of my resume, bought a folder and staples, planned my route, even thought about what I’m going to wear. I have prepped so much, I’m all prepped out. So, what is there left to do? What I always do… blog about it, of course! This blogging thing is quite therapeutic, you know. So, on that note, here comes a list of interview prep stuff:

Mock interview – practice questions, practice answers, practice greetings, practice, practice, practice…

Research, research, research – find out about the company you’re interviewing at

Plan – Outfit, trip route, departure time, plan like you’ve never planned before

Think positive – of course this will go well

Confidence “I have confidence in sunshine, I have confidence in rain, I have confidence that spring will come again, Besides what you see I have confidence in me!” That Julie Andrews never lets me down

Reassurance – Technically, I have nothing to lose, right? I already don’t have a job! Worst case, I got some interview practice!

Self-soothing – Do whatever makes you feel better… meditate, breathe, whatever works for you!

What have I forgotten?!

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