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Special Guest Post!

Hi guys, I’m so excited, my mommy is letting me write a post today!

I’ve now been living with my two mommies for exactly a month, so I felt like it was about time that she let me introduce myself. I know how much you all mean to her, so I’m honoured to be doing this.

My name is Bellamy, Bellamy Schvan. Mommies say the name came from some TV show they like. I think there is a number in the title… it’s one hundred, maybe? Bellamy is apparently one of the main people on the show, and I guess they really like him. I’ve heard something about him being tough but kind… I guess that’s a good thing?

What do you guys think?

Have you ever heard of this show?

Anyways, it’s been quite a month living with my new family! So much has happened, and you can continue reading to find out all about it! 

About Me

Barn cat – I grew up with a lot of other animals! Living in a barn was not always easy… I did sometimes have fights with them, it’s how I lost a piece of my ear and a few teeth I’m okay now, though! I’m super comfy and familiar with humans and animals now because of it, so it all worked out

Easygoing – The nice people at the humane society kept saying that I was “the chillest cat they’d ever seen”. Not sure what this means, but my mommy keeps telling it to people!

Lovable – Another word my mothers keep using. I think this means that I like cuddling with them on the couch, and often follow them around the apartment, while using my silent meow. Do you guys think that’s what it means?

Listening – I had a few tricks up my paw when I moved in with my mommies. Giving them high fives and shaking their hand were my little surprises! This whole thing seemed to really make them happy They’re also teaching me some new tricks, like how to learn my name… if I do say so myself, I think it’s working, I’m a pretty good listener.

Age – My mommy said I should add this in here. I’m seven years old, but I’m also apparently something called “an old soul”

Meant to be – When moms came in to my room at the humane society, I saw Mommy Zoey and thought her lap looked comfy. I went over and sat there, because I knew they were meant for me!

Yay! – I finally found a forever home

Thanks for reading everyone! My mommy says to keep a look out for her upcoming posts.

Bellamy Schvan

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