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Why The Heck Am I Sorry?

Hi folks! Hope you all had a fantabulous weekend!

Have you ever realized that you spend a lot of time apologizing to people? Okay, well maybe that’s just my Canadian-ness showing, but it’s interesting nonetheless, right? I sometimes just stop and think to myself, why the heck am I sorry? Is it just a habit? Should I even be sorry? The questions are endless, and I cannot even begin to answer all of them, but I shall try to at least discuss a few… 

I will begin with a story…  just the other day, I decided I would count how many times I apologize in a day. I started counting in the morning, and well, lost track really quickly. Enough said. Now, if I legitimately did something wrong each time, then it would be okay (sad, but okay), but is this really the case? Gosh, I hope not! 

Naturally, I did some research on the topic, and found some interesting stuff! Good old Google always comes through. Seriously they never let me down! Anyways, one of the little tidbits I came across was that maybe we use the word “sorry” as a filler word. You know those annoying people who say “like” or “um” WAY too much? (Of course, I never do this hehe) Well, maybe it’s the same idea! Just a little something for your thoughts…

Now, I have for you 7 ways that might help you stop apologizing too much!


A Dark Wooden Question Mark

7 Ways to Stop Apologizing So Much

Keeping track – I definitely couldn’t do it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! Try counting how many times you apologize in a day. You might be shocked!

Because – My brilliant wife came up with this one! How about, whenever you catch yourself apologizing, you try to finish the apology. Let me explain. Instead of just saying “sorry”, don’t stop there, continue with something like, “sorry, because I …. “ This might help you notice that your reason for apologizing is actually a little silly

Discover – Just spend some time thinking about why you apologize too often. Is it a learned thing from a parent, friend, etc? Do you feel like society expects it? *cough*cough* Canadians.. Or, is it because of some other issue? Anyways, if you feel like giving this a try, it could help!

New word – Maybe try replacing “sorry” with another word. A silly, made-up word could work, something you can have fun with! Another equally-polite phrase like “thank you” might be an option, just so you don’t feel like you’ll be lacking in the polite department

Re-learning – Why DO people apologize, anyway? What would a legit reason be for saying sorry? Stepping on someone’s foot? Try figuring out what qualifies as an apology-worthy thing and what doesn’t.

Others – How do you think your friends, family, etc. feel when you apologize a lot? Confused? I mean, let’s be honest here, they may not have the foggiest idea why you’re saying sorry!

Reversal – Try switching it around. If the same situation happened, but your friend was the one apologizing needlessly, what would you tell them? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Do you also apologize too much? 

What experiences have you had with this “sorry” business? 

As always, thanks for reading, it means a lot! 

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