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You Know You're An Adult When...

Well folks, I wrote my last blog post all about becoming an adult and how the journey has been going for me. Hope you guys enjoyed it, because I actually will be doing a little follow up post! Today, I’m going to be creating a list of signs that you may actually already be adulting pretty well. A tie-up post, if you will. All these things are just randomly thought up by me, no specific order or anything. They might sound right for some of you, but sound completely ridiculous to others! Hope you enjoy them!

You Know You’re an Adult When…

Time – The years keep getting shorter and your days keep going faster

Finally! – You finally think you understand what your parent meant whenever they used to say “you’ll understand when you’re an adult!”

Hobbies – Free time to work on your hobbies is a thing of the past.

Patience – A virtue you swear you used to have, but seem to have lost over the years.

Clubbing / partying – What on earth are those things? Oh yeah, maybe they have something to do with those fuzzy memories you have of feeling really crappy on weekend mornings! 

Shopping – Buying things like this (pic below) excite you now. Also, who knew furniture shopping could be fun? Apparently only adults know these little secrets!

Kids – You’ve caught yourself thinking “kids these days…” more than once. You were never like that, right?!

Celebrities – You could have sworn that actress wasn’t this old?! Like, since when is Selena Gomez old enough to produce a TV show?! Wasn’t she like 5 just the other day?

Technology / Social Media – What is with all these social media sites? You remember when Facebook was new, exciting, and the only option since MSN messenger 

Laundry – You do get it done, but you often wait till the very last day possible. Granny panties day, anyone?

Planning – Now, this one I’m still getting used to, myself. Adults plan *gasp* wait for it… their lives! All those last-minute panicky shenanigans are done and over with. Well, almost all done

Never-ending – Chores, errands, organizing, etc.. it seriously seems like it’s all never ending.

Sales – Somehow, your eyes have developed this sort of radar in a grocery store, where you immediately pick up on signs around you, mostly those that say “SALE” on them

Forgetting – Last but not least, adults forget things. Hopefully this isn’t just a ‘me thing’… But, I feel like adults often have that feeling that they forgot something, just can’t remember what it was! Kind of like the feeling I have right now… I must have forgotten at least a couple things to add to this list. Help me out in the comments below! What would you add to the list?!

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